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Working environments are not the same as it was.

Work independently than being tied down to a 9 - 5 job.

With the unprecedented times that we live in, remote working and freelancing have gained more recognition. People are actively choosing to work more independently than being tied down to a 9 to 5 job.

Freelancing has given individuals more financial independence, creative control, autonomy, and an array of benefits.

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However, it is increasingly difficult for freelancers to find clients and demonstrate their credibility when working solely alone.

It can also be frustrating to use existing platforms for freelancers to look for work as there are often issues with receiving payments on time, commissions cut for simply using the platform etc.

Our goal is to help you succeed.

That is why Too Many Tabs Open is creating an exciting new platform for freelancers to work collaboratively through TMTO!

Great Minds by TMTO is our new platform for freelancers to connect more easily with international clients in the UK and demonstrate strong credibility and legitimacy through TMTO.

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We partner with trusted world-renowned tech leaders.

Everything You Need To Know:

What is the purpose behind Great Minds by TMTO?

Our mission is to challenge the status quo. As a digital marketing agency, we believe in helping small and medium-sized brands grow to their true potential and move forward to achieve sustainable success. In a sea full of big corporate sharks, we want to make sure that every fish has an equal chance to compete.


That is why we wanted to expand our mission to not only help businesses but to help individuals as well. Freelancers are an essential part of bridging the gap between autonomy over one’s work and making a living in today’s world. We understand that there are several challenges that freelancers have when starting out or trying to find clients.


We want to be able to provide freelancers with the resources they need to demonstrate their professionalism and legitimacy. We appreciate the immense talent in Sri Lanka and want to be able to provide them with more opportunities to grow as freelancers. Through collaborating with TMTO, freelancers can elevate their status, find more international clients and obtain legal and professional help from us!

Do I need to have a college degree or specific educational qualifications to be part of Great Minds by TMTO?

Absolutely not! We believe that freelancing isn’t just about having the right educational qualifications but it is about being passionate and having the right skills to do what you do.


It’s always beneficial to have the right educational qualifications but for us, it is not a deal-breaker. As long as you’re able to demonstrate your skills and show us why your work makes you a great freelancer – that’s all that matters!

Is this open for any field of freelancers?

Yes and no.


As we are a digital marketing agency, we believe that it is important that the freelancers involved in Great Minds are in the same industry of digital marketing and development. This allows us to provide the best expertise and opportunities for our freelancers so that we can work collaboratively to keep growing in the world of digital marketing.


However, Great Minds by TMTO is open to virtually any freelancer in the field of digital marketing. Graphic designers, content creators, copywriters, web developers – the range is endless! As long as your skills and work are involved in digital marketing, we highly recommend that you apply.

What are the benefits for a freelancer to be part of Great Minds by TMTO?

Freelancers are incredible individuals to work with. They are passionate about their work and are genuinely interested in their clients’ work. However, one of the biggest worries that clients have is the level of professionalism and legitimacy you will receive from a freelancer. 


That is where we come in. We provide freelancers with the professional expertise and legal assistance they need to ensure that clients have faith in hiring you for the job. If clients are able to see that you are part of a well known digital marketing agency, they will see you as more legitimate and be more inclined to hire you for the work. 


Legal contracts are equally important for you as a freelancer as it shows a written confirmation between two parties which demonstrates trust and credibility for either party. This will also help protect you from any clients in the event of a disagreement, missed payment or other related instances.  


Through partnering with us, freelancers will also be able to: 

  1. Receive their money from projects faster than other freelancing platforms. 
  2. Enhance their brand awareness and work through networking with other like-minded freelancers and potential clients. 
  3. Do not have to worry about any contractual or legal matters when dealing with clients as TMTO will handle all necessities. 
  4. Provide their clients with more professional services and a steady well-developed workflow than working alone. 
What fees does Great Minds by TMTO charge? Are there any additional transaction fees when withdrawing funds?

There are no additional or hidden fees. You won’t be subject to any application fees, additional transaction fees or any other hidden expense. One of our key values at TMTO is to be as transparent and open as possible.


We do charge a 20% commission per project depending on the project value. The commission that is charged is to cover any professional help that we will provide. This includes drafting legal bonds and contracts between you and your client, handling administrative work with payments and easing your operations as a freelancer.


We also aim to provide our freelancers with exciting opportunities such as training and workshops to help strengthen their expertise in freelancing and help equip them with essential tools to navigate within the industry. As other existing platforms often take a commission with no purpose, we aim to use the commissions to also give back to freelancers and provide them with the best professional expertise needed.

What’s the processing time for receiving the money from a project to my local bank account?

Within 2-4 business days of the client making the payment, we will deposit the money directly to your local bank account.


This saves time and effort on your end as a freelancer in coordinating international bank transfers as well as opposed to the time it would take to receive your money from an existing freelancer platform.

How do I apply?

You can apply to be part of Great Minds by TMTO through the form below. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us through our email at customerservice@toomanytabsopen.co.uk

What happens after I applied for the initiative?

If your application is successful, you will be invited to sit for 3 rounds of interviews and tests.


As Great Minds is an initiative under TMTO, you will be part of our community. That’s why we want to make sure that you will be a good fit for our work culture and values.


If selected, you will then be provided with a beneficial and informative training session on how to get new clients, sign them through TMTO, and related professional help that is essential for you as a freelancer!

Be a part of Great Minds!

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